Louis Berlinguette

Perhaps the original utility forward, Louis Berlinguette was a notable defensive forward but not a great offensive player. But because he was so reliable and valuable, he gained so much respect that he played in more games and seasons than any hockey player of his era.

Berlinguette played with the Montreal Canadiens from 1912 through 1924, playing with the team in both the NHA and then the NHL when it was formed in 1917. He played on top lines with the likes of Newsy Lalonde and Didier Pitre, but was never rewarded with great offensive output like his linemates. He totalled just 46 goals in 193 NHL games (plus another 19 in 100 in the NHA).

Berlinguette ended his career with single seasons with the Montreal Maroons and Pittsburgh Pirates before continuing on as an amateur. He finally left the ice after 1927.

Interestingly, much debate surrounded his name. Many sources mistakenly typed his name as Berlinquette. To complicate matters, his baptism certificate is in the name Berlinguet.


Unknown 4:08 PM  

He was my great uncle and the name of Berlinquet tell would be the correct name.

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