Claude Evans

You know those table top hockey goaltenders? The just stand there, never able to go down on the ice, use their arms or flop like a fish out of water? That best describes the way Claude Evans played.

Evans was the ultimate stand up goalie. In fact he very rarely actually did anything other than challenge the shooter. The shooter would either hit him, miss the net, or score

Evans, however, never really perfected the stand up goaltending routine. The native of Longueuil Quebec played in 4 NHL games with Montreal in 1954-55, allowing 12 goals while going 2-2. He was called up to replace the injured Jacques Plante, but looked particularly shakey in his 4th game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. As a result the Habs called up Charlie Hodge from the minor leagues.

He later played in a game with the Boston Bruins in 1957-58, allowing 4 goals in a late season tie

Evans was a well traveled career minor leaguer who's style was good enough at the level, but not talented enough to stick in the NHL days of the Original Six


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