Gerry Carson

The Carson family remains legendary in Parry Sound, Ontario. Patriarch D. M. Carson was a lumber baron in the area, moving from Bracebridge in 1905. He built a beautiful Victorian home on 33 Church Street and raised four sons, three of whom went on to play in the National Hockey League in the 1920s and 1930s. The family home still stands in Parry Sound. It is now a bed and breakfast simply known as The Carson House.

"Doc" Bill Carson was perhaps the most famous of the three NHL brothers. He was the first player in Toronto Maple Leafs history to score 20 goals and later returned home to become long time dentist.

Frank Carson played seven season in the NHL. He was noted for his defensive play as well as his premature grey hair.

Gerald "Stub" Carson played in 261 NHL games, mostly with the Montreal Canadiens, but the defenseman scored just 12 goals. He was part of Montreal's Stanley Cup championship team in 1930.

He was known as both Gerry and Jerry, although I am uncertain as to the origins of his nickname "Stub." He was really hampered by injuries, most notably a serious knee injury that required an operation which caused him to miss the entire 1935-36 season. Ultimately it would end his career after a brief come back attempt with the Montreal Maroons in 1936-37.

Gerry settled in Grimsby, Ontario and worked as a salesman for a brewery company. He died in 1956, having just turned 51 years old.


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