Jimmy Gardner

Jimmy Gardner truly was very much like the team he is best remembered for playing with - a Wanderer. He skated with no less than seven hockey teams in a career that spanned almost a decade.

Born on May 21, 1881, Gardner started out with the Montreal Hockey Club, whose "Little Men of Iron" won the Stanley Cup in 1902. He then joined the Wanderers for one season and went on to Calumet, Michigan in the American League for two seasons. Then it was off to Pittsburgh for another, returning to Montreal and the Shamrocks, before re-joining the Wanderers for their Stanley Cup winning season of 1910-11! Jimmy jumped leagues again the following year by joining New Westminster of the PCHA but returned to Montreal to finish his playing career with Les Canadiens in 1915.

Hockey was in Gardner's blood as he stayed with the Habs as a coach until 1917 and then changed to officiating. He refereed in the minor leagues and the Western Canadian Hockey League until 1924. Another coaching job with the Hamilton Tigers took Gardner to retirement in 1925. He was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1962.

Gardner died on November 7, 1940


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