Skinner Poulin

George "Skinner" Poulin scored the game winning goal in the Montreal Canadiens first ever game.

On January 5th, 1910, the Montreal Canadiens hosted the Cobalt (Ontario) Silver Kings in front of 3000 fans at Jubilee Rink in Montreal. The game, a 7-6 win for the Habs, was described "one of the most competitive and exciting hockey games ever played in Montreal."

The seven-man lineup consisted of Newsy Lalonde, Jack Laviolette, Didier Pitre, Ed Decarie, Art Bernier, goaltender Joe Cattarinich, and the star of this night, George "Skinner" Poulin. Poulin had two goals, including the game-winner for Montreal, who, as you can see in Poulin's attached picture, wore very different sweaters than they became famous for.

George Poulin was born in Smith Falls, Ontario. He first became prominent in the hockey world with Rat Portage in 1908. He jumped to Galt before joining the Habs for two years. He moved west to play in Victoria for four seasons before returning to the Canadiens in time for 1916 Stanley Cup championship.

Poulin wound down his hockey career playing for Saskatoon of the Western Canadian Hockey League.


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