Pierre Bouchard

Imagine trying to play in the NHL in the same city as your legendary Hall of Fame father. To make matters even tougher, imagine doing that in the city of Montreal! That's what Pierre Bouchard successfully did.

The son of legendary Emile "Butch" Bouchard, Pierre Bouchard was able to carve out his own NHL legacy, much of which was with the same club his father led to four Stanley Cups. But Pierre was able to outdo his father and helped the Habs capture captured five Cup championships!

Pierre Bouchard, much like a chip off the old block, was a big, stay at home defensemen who was a key part to the Montreal teams of the Disco Decade, though his style of play didn't earn him the accolades from the fans and media that so many others received. The ultimate team player, Pierre's coaches and teammates all appreciated his sacrificial contributions.

A first round choice, fifth overall, by the Canadiens in the 1965 Amateur Draft, Bouchard made his NHL debut with Montreal in 1970-71. And what a first season it was for Bouchard. He was one of eight rookies on the Canadiens who helped the club shock the hockey world as they captured the Stanley Cup that year. Pierre would play 8 seasons with the Habs, capturing the Cup in 1973, 1976, 1977, and 1978.

After eight seasons with the Canadiens, Bouchard joined the Washington Capitals for the 1978-79 campaign via the waiver wire. The two teams actually tried doing each other a sneaky favor which would have saw Bouchard moved back to Montreal after the waiver draft, but NHL president John Ziegler refused the transaction. After initially sitting out and mulling retirement, Bouchard played parts of four seasons with the Capitals before deciding to retire in 1982. He actually spent most of his final season in the minor leagues with the Hershey Bears.

Pierre scored 106 points in 595 regular season games as well as 13 points in 76 playoff games. He would later become very active in the Montreal Canadiens alumni association and worked on French television broadcasts. He was also a popular fixture on a Montreal sports radio program.


cclub00 9:08 PM  

pierre bouchard is one of the greatest people on this earth , great sense of humor and a family man . i am so glad to be a cousin . i used to work on the farm with him. i say this with great pride

Francine Gauthier Bukvich,  6:36 PM  

I WAS A VERY GOOD FRIEND OF PIERRE IN THE 70's . ALWAYS A GENTLEMAN. My family knew his family. Pierre's family were great people and very close. I haven't talked to him in years , my aunt said he married and had two girls I married and had two boys, baseball players; Ryan and Brett Bukvich Both were pitchers for UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI, born in 1978 and 1985 both were drafted in the PROS

cclub00 8:24 PM  

Francine .....Pierre Has A Daughter Sophie And A Son Emile ......Paul Lachapelle

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